Friday, November 16, 2007

Broadcast Asylum Radio gets a Great Revue...

Below is an article about the Station, the Host, and the Show.
(The band scored a mention too.)

By: WebCreem Productions

Check yourself into the Asylum with a myriad of like-minded lunatics from around the globe who tune-in to the BROADCASTASYLUM.COM Radio Show and you'll see what the buzz is all about. Music and love for the artists who create the music is this show's focus and they deliver! The promotion and support of these artists and the art-form itself, is what this radio station lives and breathes for. Specifically, new artists/bands whose original music is based in the styles of classic rock; hard rock; old school metal and electric blues. In other words: Kick-Ass ROCK with a CAPITOL R!

Their appreciation and love of the art-form is genuine, and is evident in what they don't do. They don't take money from sponsors, because they don't have any sponsors! They don't take money from managers, agents, record companies or artists! They can't be bought because nothing is for sale! Thanks to "DOC", (a true patron of the arts indeed!) who's dream and vision has become a reality, simply put, because he can afford to finance the project out of his own pocket. By doing so, he's created a pure environment for music to thrive and be exposed on it's own merit. Not unlike the days of early F.M. when music was chosen to be played because it was great music, not because the record had a large payola budget... err, ugh.. I mean.. ugh.."PROMOTION" budget. Yeah, that's what I meant.

Besides playing the best independent classic rock bands on the planet, occasionally they'll do an interview with one of the artists. This week it's "Zak Daniels" who along with his band the eponymous One Eyed Snakes, make music that fits this format like a glove. I've reviewed this band's recorded work and have seen them in concert twice. Live or recorded, this band rocks the house! Doc and Zak together should be a real hoot! I'm told that the Asylum has ordered extra straight-jackets and doubled their stock of medication in preparation for this interview.

Although music is the prime focus of "Broadcast Asylum," I believe that half of the credit for the impressive size of their listening audience has to go to the talent behind the microphones. Doc and Jade, Host and Co-Host respectively. Listening to these two best-friends converse On-Air (about anything & everything else relevant) is like sitting on an old comfy sofa in your living room, you just don't feel like getting up, because you feel so comfortable right where you are.

Moreover, the sweet taste of fun and the warm fuzzy brand of insanity that occurs when Doc and Jade confront mini soap operas from the lunatic fringe of their Live Chat-Room, between songs, well... that's the BROADCAST ASYLUM at it's best! A shelter from the storm for many and a lockout for the lunatics who don't understand what a cool place it is. It's entertainment at it's best, because it does what it's suppose to, it entertains!!! It's a three hour escape from your reality and it's there for the taking. A three hour vacation from the too often mundane routine we sometimes call LIFE.

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